Program Berlin

Action in Games

Friday May 19


10.30 Introduction

Chair: Pawel Grabarczyk 

10.45 There are no Virtual Actions abstract

Zuzanna Aleksandra Rucinska

Commentators: Anita Leirfall and John R. Sageng

11.30 The Constitution of Agential Properties in Games abstract

John R. Sageng

Commentators: Zuzanna Aleksandra Rucinska and Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt 


12.30 – Videogames as Fiction: Expansion Pack abstract

Margarita Khusainova 

Commentators: Zoheb Mashiur and Roxanne Chartrand

13.15 Graphic Virtuality and Agential Twofoldness abstract

Rune Klevjer

Commentators: Anita Leirfall and Martin Pleiß

14.00 Lunch

Chair: Anita Leirfall

15.00 Freedom and Thrownness in Role-Playing Games  abstract

Tim Miechels

Commetators: Zoheb Mashiur and Rune Klevjer


16.00  Empathy and In-game Actions: How Design Practices Shape the Relationship Between Self and Other  abstract

Robin Longobardi Zingarelli

Commentators: Tim Miechels and Rune Klevjer

16.45 Break

17.00 Agential Art and Creative Responsibility (video)

C. Thi Nguyen

19.00 Dinner at Ong Chu, Skalitzer Str. 95A

Saturday May 20

Chair: Tarjei Mandt Larsen

10.00 Revisiting Fictional Actions and Affordances (video) abstract

Jussi Holopainen

10.45 Complex Actions and Confrontation in the18xx Train Games Series  abstract

Arne Kjell Vikhagen and Pontus Nilsson

Commentators: Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt and Micaela Cederlund 


11.45 The Affective Cycle of ‘Affording’ in Unfamiliar Contexts Within a Playful Virtual Reality Environment  abstract

Martin Pleiß

Commentators: Roxanne Chartrand and Arne Kjell Vikhagen

12.30 Trance, Hypnosis and Flow in Games  abstract

Micaela Cederlund  

Commentators: Tarjei Mandt Larsen and Margarita Khusainova 

13.15 Lunch

Chair: Anita Leirfall

14.15 Games, Make-Believe, and the Value of Achievement  abstract

Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt 

Commentators: Pawel Grabarczyk and Alfred Archer

15.00 Press A to Enter: Playful Actions and Possible Worlds abstract

Roxanne Chartrand 

Commentators: Pawel Grabarczyk and Zuzanna Aleksandra Rucinska

15.45 Common Discussion

19.00 Dinner at Restaurant Panther, Waldemarstraße 119
10997 Berlin